I can’t believe how fast the time has flown! It’s been eight months since DARKNESS FAIR released and already DARKNESS SAVAGE is flying out into the world in juts a few more days. This will be the final installment in Aidan’s story, and hopefully wrap things up for him in a way that satisfies all the readers’ expectations.

For a bit of a jump on things on this first week in October, I thought I’d give you this first peek at where the story might be going. And if you’ve read up until now, you’ll know each of the stories begins with a poem to reveal a piece of the story puzzle from another perspective. So, here’s…

Darkness Savage, a poem


Release Day ~ Darkness Fair

MARKS-DarknessFair-Cover-FINALI’ve rambled on before about how ill-equipped I felt to write a sequel. Well, I did it! And now I’m feeling ill-equipped to write a trilogy…lol. But in the midst of finishing DARKNESS SAVAGE and considering what’s next in the journey, I get to see that sequel fly off into the hands of readers.

Putting a book out there for the world to pick apart is a test of both patience and pride, it’s as invigorating as it is terrifying. And I’m loving the ride.

And DARKNESS BRUTAL is only $2 for Kindle and $5 for paper right now, btw!

You can grab DARKNESS FAIR here. And preorder DARKNESS SAVAGE here.

Because, Impatience

I’m impatient for my readers to get a peek at the new installment to The Dark Cycle. And when I’m anxious, I channel that energy into producing something I can look at or hold so I don’t go cray-cray.

Therefore, I’ve fiddled with the artwork, adding Kara and Rebecca:



And I’ve posted the opening to DARKNESS FAIR for people to peruse (and hopefully not despise): DARKNESS FAIR SAMPLE

And a week from Wednesday (12/16) we’ll be revealing the cover for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Hanukkah!


Darkness Fair – We’re Nearly There!

Yes, I went there. I rhymed.

It’s almost time, you guys. Just two more months until this new installment of The Dark Cycle flies into the world. I wish that I could look through a gateway in time (I need to get my butt to Pasadena, I guess), then maybe I could see how readers will respond to this part of Aidan’s story.


Aidan’s powers are now wide awake and kicking. He’s trying to get his head straight about what it all means as he looks for a way to save Ava. But while he attempts this, there’s obviously going to be hijinx that ensue. Readers can expect demon fights, a creepy wraith, ancient prophets, a very angry angel, perhaps some blood, definitely all kinds of madness and magic. Rebecca gets a point of view in this story, and she will begin her own journey as she attempts to figure out where she fits in this new world she’s discovered. It was very fun to uncover her voice a little more, and to realize how much the spunky red-head really had to say. Continue reading