Proof I’m Not Dreaming

I’ve been happily buried in more edits this week but this time I was looking at pages that would become the actual for realz printed tome. The one that will be bound and topped off with a sparkly cover and all the trimmings that make this book nerd squeal on the inside.

So much of this journey has been a strange mixture of terrifying and thrilling. This is definitely one of those weeks where I feel a bit dizzy, reading the pages for the last time, knowing it is what it is, and having this war in my head, unsure whether readers will connect with my weird little story or not.

Here’s a peek at the shiny title page for the manuscript that is about to be born into a book:


And now that it’s all wrapped up and all the edits are turned in, my part as the writer is done. For better or worse, Aidan is set to meet the world of readers who will either reject him or embrace him over the next few years.


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