It’s a for reelz book, people!


Cliff Nielson (cover artist for The Infernal Devices, Mortal Instruments, and Shadow and Bone) is the amazing creator of this wonderful realization of my characters. It’s the strangest thing, seeing Aidan, Rebecca, and Kara come to life through another person’s eyes. Strange and wonderful! And it makes it all that much more real.

And here’s a new bit for your reading pleasure: the poem I wrote that inspired the series, THE DARK CYCLE.

Darkness Brutal, Darkness Fair

Blood from bone, skin from earth

It walks,

feet to stone.

Darkness brutal, darkness fair

It waits,

eyes to soul.

Words intoned, fire in hand

It drinks,

marrow from bone.

At Its feet, I lay

sprawled crooked, broken doll

It licks,

I stare

Red teeth-marks, pattern porcelain skin

laid bare.

Darkness brutal, darkness fair

at last

payment for my sin.

~ scrawled on a napkin stuffed into Mom’s grimoire ~


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