Ahead, There be monsters

5125830cb0e9ab9ec628a0da0ea8e31d I am writing this as a disclaimer, of sorts: My books are not safe and comfortable.

And THE DARK CYCLE books shall be no exception.

So if you’re out there and you know me, and you’re planning to read my books, realize that you may be slightly surprised at the nature of the pages ahead. I’ve only had one novella out in this great wide world before and I don’t know a whole lot about marketing or how the goddess of the media works, but I do know that readers usually come into a book with an expectation. And I want that to be realistic, if at all possible.

WINTER ROSE toddled off into the world as a YA historical love story. Many people were surprised at the fact that it was much more complex than that. Really, it’s a story about pain and forgiveness. However, I received a lot of criticism and reviews about the fact that my character was abused, that there were hints of molestation, and how stark my world was. It didn’t bother me; at least they weren’t criticizing my writing. 😉 But it did make me wonder what they were expecting. So, if only for my own peace of mind, I will say…

My new series THE DARK CYCLE will have a myriad of triggers.

Namely: Magic, bad words, blood and guts, predatory behavior by a male, petting that could be categorized as “heavy”, ugly demons, piecemeal theology, Go Fish, tattoos with powers, Hebrew talk, fake IDs, loads more bad words, a bit more blood, kids that were victims trying to overcome what was done to them, jokes about sex, underage drinking, more bad words, a eunuch, chanting, Youtube, murder, and a pentagram or two—actually one of the murders takes place inside a pentagram, so that’s like a double whammy. I do, however, tell a Sunday School story.

I try to be balanced, see.

I don’t write fluff. I’ve tried and somehow the characters just end up being all plastic. It’s lame and depressing. Nobody wants to read that. c311f65a7b19d2316bb5ca2cd082bed3

Aidan’s story came to me like someone calling out to be heard. This young boy who felt helpless in a world he didn’t understand. In a world where only he could see the true danger, and the one person who knew his secret was unreliable and could become a threat. Along the way his story became a part of my own story. It became larger than I thought it would be. It’s partially one that’s been told time and time again, but I hope it’s more than that. I hope it bleeds emotion. I hope it torments a little in it’s reality.

Because maybe a reader will see his or her own story in it. Maybe they’ll feel less alone. Maybe they’ll get a glimpse of what choices mean, what redemption takes, and why blood and destiny can sometimes be a bitch. But if nothing else, I hope my readers are entertained. I hope seeing the world through Aidan’s eyes changes how they see this world around them.

Truth isn’t always comfortable, but it’s necessary. The vehicle of story is a way to find that truth, for both the writer and the reader. The truth of who we are, how we fit, and what we want to do with it.

I’m still discovering. And I’m excited to take this journey with you, if you decide to follow me. But for your safety and mine . . . BEWARE: there be monsters ahead.


2 thoughts on “Ahead, There be monsters

  1. I am SO excited for this book. I haven’t read a YA book that I’ve enjoyed in a long while, but your first chapter already has me hooked, and this…aaahh so much blood, demons, bibley mythology, MORE BLOOD! Gimme gimme!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful, Sarah! I’m so glad you like chapter one! Hopefully the remainder won’t disappoint. 😉 I’ll be looking forward to hearing what you think!


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