DARKNESS BRUTAL ~ A Lesson In Pig-Headedness

So, this amazing miracle happened to me: someone has paid me actual money for this thing that I made for fun.

I’m not sure if it’s ground-breaking—this sort of event has been known to happen to “other people”—but it finally happened to me. I had a dream come true. A dream! I mean, I’ve been thinking about what this very moment would feel like for about twelve years. Non-stop. Jake Ryan picked me!

Of course, I never actually believed it would happen.

I’m a dreamer but I’m also a realist. I self-talk myself into being satisfied with the most meager breadcrumbs if I’m doing something I really love. I’ll just keep trying new things, looking for ways to get better, and figuring out how others have done it successfully before me. The journey is a huge boon for me. I love growing. It’s kind of annoying, actually.

Well, I certainly had plenty of growing time between dream conception and birth. I would get rejections or critical feedback and I’d hate myself for about a day or two, then I’d get mad and decide I wasn’t going to let myself suck. I would figure out this crazy publishing thing and find a way to break through. I’m a bit of a masochist, but it works. I get better. I think. Maybe.

We’ll see.

The thing is, I’m hoping the crazy bumpy road of growth and duckstruggle has merely helped me become that writer I needed to be for this moment of realization. So that when I begin to raise this baby series and bring it into the homes (and hopefully hearts) of readers, it’ll actually be good stuff. And when the bad reviews begin rolling in (which they inevitably will) I’ll allow myself to take the hits and let them help me grow even more. No one knows better than the reader if a story works or not.

I’m sure you’ll all let me know. 😉 And I don’t plan on getting comfortable. I’m ready for graduate school now, where the shiz gets reelz.*

Next week I’m going to begin posting treats in preparation for my graduation on July 1st. So stay tuned!!! #MuppetFlail

000371_38(*See, once you cross over into this publishing world it’s like that moment you graduate from eighth grade, the big cheese on campus who knows #AllTheStuff, then you enter high school . . . *wilts* where you know pretty much nothing. So bonus, I’m dumb again. The newbie writer. Freshy. Farmer. Dumpster Lunch Crowd. AKA: clueless debut author. And being the masochist I am, I’m loving it.)


2 thoughts on “DARKNESS BRUTAL ~ A Lesson In Pig-Headedness

  1. LOL! “AKA: clueless debut author” Yeah, I feel ya. I don’t know why I didn’t expect it, but it felt really weird hearing people talk about my recent story release as my “debut book” and being a “debut author”. I mean, how am I different? I’m not. The story was there, on my computer. Now it’s there, on Amazon.com.

    And now I have this new label. Published author. Indie author. Debut author. Bleh. Whatever. Labels, schmabels.

    Still, something *did* shift inside me. Now my work is out there proving itself in the real world. I see things differently this side of the Publish button.

    I love your attitude, though: willing to learn, ready to tackle the new world before you. Onward and upward we go!

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    1. Hahaha….yeah, it’s funny how even when you climb you still sometimes feel behind the eight ball. I had no idea you put your book out!!! What’s the title?! I wanna see it!


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