Naked ~ Dreams

After a very long twelve year journey through motherhood, homeschooling, losing a baby in the womb, losing our ranch to the bank, losing my hair to cancer, and losing many loved-ones to the Eternal Journey, including a beloved father, I have come to a crossroads once more. I have reached the point I’ve been aiming for for so long . . .

The strange thing is, I’ve been striving and hyper-focusing on moving forward for so many years it’s as if I don’t know what to do with this moment of standing in the spot I’d been walking towards.

So, I suppose I’m going to keep going, enjoying each step and struggling through the tough moments. Like any blessing, work is definitely involved. And the best thing you can do for yourself when you travel through life is to realize that the goal is never the purpose of walking forward. It’s the journey that matters. And that journey’s only just begun.



2 thoughts on “Naked ~ Dreams

  1. Sure, it’s cliche, but bringing a book into the world is much like bringing a child into it. Sometimes the gestational period is much longer, but the day comes when you’re holding that baby in your hands and you realize all the work of carrying it around inside you and all the work of pushing it out is over. And now the journey of the book outside of you can begin.

    I think with children we expect this, and we look forward to it. But sometimes it hits us as quite the surprise with other projects. Writing a book. Buying a house. Becoming certified at something.

    May you experience much excitement and joy as this next stage unfolds!

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