Darkness Fair – We’re Nearly There!

Yes, I went there. I rhymed.

It’s almost time, you guys. Just two more months until this new installment of The Dark Cycle flies into the world. I wish that I could look through a gateway in time (I need to get my butt to Pasadena, I guess), then maybe I could see how readers will respond to this part of Aidan’s story.


Aidan’s powers are now wide awake and kicking. He’s trying to get his head straight about what it all means as he looks for a way to save Ava. But while he attempts this, there’s obviously going to be hijinx that ensue. Readers can expect demon fights, a creepy wraith, ancient prophets, a very angry angel, perhaps some blood, definitely all kinds of madness and magic. Rebecca gets a point of view in this story, and she will begin her own journey as she attempts to figure out where she fits in this new world she’s discovered. It was very fun to uncover her voice a little more, and to realize how much the spunky red-head really had to say.

It was a blast (and a terror) to write this book, and many of the twists and turns surprised even me. Perhaps that doesn’t instill confidence, but it made it more fun to experience the story a little more. 😉 I really hope you guys like it. *bites nails* ARCs will be coming very soon and if any of my Blog or Librarian friends would like to get an early peek, feel free to message me on any platform or contact me through my website: http://www.RachelAnnemarks.com

A small preview for your torture . . .


You can preorder here: DARKNESS FAIR

In the mean time you can check out my Pinterest Board here: Darkness Fair Board

And I’ll try and post a sneak peek of the first chapter or two as soon as I can. 🙂


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